Title: The Sierra Nevada: The Range of Light[front cover and spine]

Photographer: Ansel Adams
Author: Roderick Peattie
Publisher: Vanguard Press
Designer: not listed


Image Title: Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada, From Lone Pine 1944 (detail)
Photo Genre: Landscape
Book Genre: Nature - The Sierra Nevada - History
Group: f/64

The publication date of this book, 1947, is the earliest so far in Covering Photography's collection. Though not as well-known as he would be in the 1960s and '70s, Ansel Adams was at the height of his creative powers in 1947, a date only four years after he made the image on this book's cover. For a book on the Sierras, a photograph by Adams was as logical and predictable choice as any, even at that time.


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