Title: Key West Tales

Photographer: Arthur Tress
Author: John Hersey
Publisher: Vintage
Designer: Megan Wilson


Image Title: Gulf of Mexico, Apalachicola, Florida, from 'Fishtank Sonata'
Photo Genre: Directorial
Book Genre: Short stories

'Fishtank Sonata', the monograph from which this image was taken, is an epic of sorts, albeit a minor one. In it, photographer (and now, apparently, poet) Arthur Tress uses his romantic, amusing and slyly subversive set-ups to illustrate the saga of a fisherman who, led like a wet Ebenezer Scrooge by a fish he tried to catch, travels through the depths of ocean, history and hades, emerging wiser and more conscious of environmental issues. KB

The page facing this particular image contains the following stanza:

"A fine and frothy day
Upon a timeless strand
A goddess was blown by humid winds
Onward to the land".