Title: You Cannot Be Serious

Photographer: Dennis Stock
Author: John McEnroe
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons
Designer: Lisa Amoroso


Image Title: after: James Dean in Times Square, NYC 1955 (reprinted courtesy of Nike, Inc.), Photo by Bill Sumner
Photo Genre: Portraiture
Book Genre: Autobiography

Those with any knowledge of post World War II popular culture will recognize this photograph of former tennis star and enfant terrible John McEnroe as a direct and intentional re-staging of Dennis Stock's portrait of actor cum legend James Dean in Times Square, NY. I say 'intentional' because McEnroe wants us to see him as Dean, an idol and iconoclast. At once self-mocking and self-aggrandizing, McEnroe challenges us to be in on the joke. After all, 'You cannot be serious'...or can you? Notice that the photo, by Bill Sumner, is 'reprinted courtesy of Nike, Inc.' (a reference to McEnroe's bright white footwear). Money talks, and James Dean walks... again. KB To view the original Dennis Stock image (via another link), try clicking here.

Dennis Stock

Wow, Dennis Stock's pic is SO MUCH BETTER!