Title: 1959

Photographer: Marion Post Wolcott
Author: Thulani Davis
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton
Designer: Not listed


Photo Genre: Documentary
Book Genre: Novel
Group: FSA

Editions of '1959', Thulani Davis' coming-of-age novel set in the early days of the Civil Rights Movement, utilize images from at least two major photographers: Marion Post Wolcott's graphically striking picture of a black man climbing stairs to the 'Colored' entrance of a movie theatre (1992 Hamish Hamilton edition) has a more direct correspondence to the novel's subject matter than the jacket of the 1993 edition from Harper Perennial, on which designer Honi Werner has rendered a semi-abstract painting from a small, central detail of Nan Goldin's dreamlike 'Sun hits the road, Shandaken, N.Y. 1983' ('The Ballad of Sexual Dependency', Aperture 1986, p.117). KB

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