Title: Five Novels

Photographer: Pierre-Louis Pierson and the Countess de Castiglioni
Author: Ronald Firbank
Publisher: New Directions
Designer: Denise Breslin


Image Title: Scherzo di Follia [Countess de Castiglione] 1863-66
Photo Genre: Portraiture
Book Genre: Novels

Multiple Uses :

"Scherzo di Follia" Photo

I designed the jacket for "Five Novels" which featured the above photo. Imagine my surprise when I saw below it on your site --the same photo used in a cropped fashion. Oh how I wish I had been able to use a cropped version of the Countess's photo -- my original design featured a tighter version of this fabulous photo.

I had been told by the Metropolitan Museum of Art that they would give their permission to use this photo ONLY if it was used full size.

A truly wonderful photo!