Title: Remembering Esperanza

Photographer: Dorothea Lange
Author: Mark Kline Taylor
Publisher: Orbis Books
Designer: Alicia Zoda


Image Title: The Survivor, by Elizabeth Catlett (after: Ex-slave with a long memory, Alabama 1938)
Photo Genre: Documentary
Book Genre: Theology/Cultural Studies/Politics
Group: FSA

The source for this cover is the photograph 'Ex-slave with a long memory, Alabama 1938', made by Dorothea Lange for the FSA. As such, it is 'owned' by the Library of Congress and is copyright-free. In 1983, the image was translated by the renowned artist Elizabeth Catlett into a linocut, and is retitled 'The Survivor'. It's caption informs us that it appears 'courtesy of Hancraft Studios. All Rights Reserved'. KB