Title: An Ira Sadoff Reader

Photographer: Ken Josephson
Author: Ira Sadoff
Publisher: Middlebury College Press
Designer: Not listed


Image Title: Matthew 1965
Photo Genre: Polaroid: Family/Self-Portrait
Book Genre: Poetry and Prose

The photograph is of Josephson's son, Matthew, at about age 3. He is seen holding a Polaroid image of himself, upside-down in front of his face, his left index finger poised over an imaginary shutter button. For Matthew, the film itself has become a camera; he is taking pictures, just like Daddy, and, as is the case in optics and photography, the image is turned upside-down. Josephson's quirky snapshot of his son is also a self-contained lesson on how a camera sees, and how life exists outside the frame edge. What any of this has to do with Ira Sadoff's writing, however, I have yet to figure out.
The graphic artist, though not listed, must have worked at Lorillard Tobacco Company, because the cover design looks just like a pack of Kents. KB