Title: Suspects

Photographer: Walker Evans
Author: David Thomson
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
Designer: David Quay


Image Title: Torn Movie Poster 1930
Photo Genre: Documentary
Book Genre: Cinema
Group: FSA

Similar versions of Walker Evans' 'Torn Movie Poster', made on Massachusetts' Cape Cod in 1930 and first published in his seminal 'American Photographs', are found on the covers of two books in this collection: 'Village' (a 1990 University of New Mexico Press reprint of Robert McAlmon's 1924 novel) investigates, according to it's jacket blurb, “…the quiet desperation of life in a North Dakota Prairie community.”, while in 'Suspects' (Alfred A. Knopf, 1985), author David Thomson employs poetic license to track the arc of fictional movie characters' lives. That the original Evans photograph can represent these two unrelated topics with equal fidelity is a testament to its graphic power and semiotic complexity.

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