Title: Respiracion Artificial

Photographer: Andreas Feininger
Author: Ricardo Piglia
Publisher: Editorial Sudamericana
Designer: Mario Blanco


Image Title: The Photojournalist (Dennis Stock) 1951
Photo Genre: Portrait

  Andreas Feininger's portrait of Magnum photographer Dennis Stock is used for the cover of Ricardo Piglia's novel about truth, lies and estrangement. Since one of the novel's characters is a government spy, Feininger's photo is most likely a metaphor for surveillance.

  Interestingly, this photograph has been appropriated as a drawing and transformed into a bizarre amalgam of human and old-fashioned reel-to-reel tape deck for Records, Computers and the Rights of Citizens, a 1973 report (by an advisory committee appointed by Richard Nixon's former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Elliot Richardson) whose purpose, according to its preface, was to investigate "growing concern about the harmful consequences that may result from uncontrolled application of computer and telecommunications technology to the collection, storage, and use of data about individual citizens." - a continuation of the surveillance metaphor.


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