Title: The Gangs of New York

Photographer: Jacob A. Riis
Author: Herbert Asbury
Publisher: Thunder's Mouth Press
Designer: Howard Grossman/12E Design


Image Title: Bandits' Roost (59 1/2 Mulberry St.) February 12, 1888
Photo Genre: Social Documentary
Book Genre: American History - New York City - 19th Century ethnic rivalries

The Gangs of New York, a non-fiction history (published in 1928) made into a major motion picture (released in 2002), was set in New York City before and during the Draft Riots, a quarter-century before Riis made this picture. Although the clothing style differed between the two periods, the mood and conditions were similar.

Riis' original was black and white; the color on the book cover was presumably added by the designer, perhaps because the book became a movie.
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