Title: Flesh

Photographer: Bill Brandt
Author: Brigid Brophy
Publisher: Cardinal Books
Designer: Not listed


Image Title: Nude, London 1952
Photo Genre: Nude
Book Genre: Novel

Nude, London 1952, one of British photographer Bill Brandt's best known images, has been reproduced on the covers of at least three novels of varying subject matter. More to the point, one wonders if the anonymous photographer who made the cover image for Karen Robards's steamy thriller, Bait ('Point of Interest' above, right), was at all influenced, subconsciously if not directly, by the Brandt photo. Photographers do, after all, look at other photographs, and can't help having their vision shaped by the icons of Photohistory. And if there was no influence whatsoever, just what is it about the combination of raking side-light and the undulating crook of the subject's arm that made both photographers trip the shutter?

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