Title: Time Management for Christian Women

Photographer: Edweard Muybridge
Author: Helen Young & Billie Silvey
Publisher: Zondervan
Designer: Not listed


Image Title: after Edweard Muybridge (Animal Locomotion)
Photo Genre: Motion Study/Sequence
Book Genre: Self-help/Religion

The authors of 'Time Management for Christian Women', according to its jacket blurb, "...run basic time management principles through a Bible filter to distill excellent advice on doing your best work and being your best self for the Lord". That this book's cover photographs are based on work from 'Animal Locomotion' is simply more proof of the variety and degree to which Muybridge's motion studies are used as reference, even one hundred years after their initial publication. KB To view motion study details by Edweard Muybridge pertaining to this cover, click on 'Point of Interest' image at right.