Title: The Faulkner Reader

Photographer: Henri Cartier-Bresson
Author: William Faulkner
Publisher: Random House
Designer: Not listed


Image Title: William Faulkner, Oxford, Mississippi 1947 [detail]
Photo Genre: Portraiture
Book Genre: Anthology, William Faulkner
Group: Magnum

These anthologies, published in 1954 and 1963 respectively, depict the most obvious and essential detail of Cartier-Bresson's classic portrait of William Faulkner and two of his terriers, made at the writer's Oxford, Mississippi home in 1947.
I emphasize 'detail' because Cartier-Bresson was a photographic purist in the sense that he insited that his negatives be printed and reproduced in their entirety; cropping was permitted only when absolutely necessary.
If you click on the highlighted link below, you should not only see the complete Fulkner image, but a warning against cropping as well. Perhaps these rules were more flexible forty or fifty years ago. KB

To view Cartier-Bresson's original portrait of William Faulkner, try clicking here.

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