Title: The City: American Experience

Photographer: Stephen Shore
Author: Alan Trachtenberg, Peter Neill, Peter C. Bunnell
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Designer: Egon Lauterberg


Photo Genre: Infra-red
Book Genre: Anthology, Urban Studues

This is not a photography book, although it does contain, within it's 620 pages, about 40 photographs, which, along with (according to the jacket blurb) "poems, short stories, essays, sociological studies, and visions of the future..." address the issue at hand. Those familiar only with Stephen Shore's large-format color work may experience some shock upon discovering that the book's cover image; a very early 35mm frame, shot with infra-red film, was done by him.

The inclusion of Peter C. Bunnell, an important and early photohistorian, as one of the book's editors goes some way in explaining the selection of photographs. KB