Title: The Future, One to One

Photographer: Man Ray
Author: Donna Peppers & Martha Rogers, PhD.
Publisher: Doubleday Currency
Designer: Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich


Photo Genre: Photogram
Book Genre: Business/Marketing
Group: Surrealism

This book appears to be one in a series of motivational texts on how to run a successful business, with an emphasis on customer relations. Being unfamiliar with the authors, I did a little research and found that they have indeed co-written a number of business advice books. Don Peppers seems the more prolific of the two; my favorite of his titles is 'Life's a Pitch...Then Yoy Buy'.
So, given the above pictured book's title, 'The Future, One to One', the Man Ray photogram on it's cover, with it's mysterious glyphs between the two profiles, seems appropriate in a retro, Buck Rogers meets Kasimir Malevich sort of way. The designer is Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich, which I find a little surprising, since he is truly one of the best and most innovative in the profession.
The real bonus for me, however, is one of this books companion titles, 'Enterprise, One to One', published four years later (see 'Point of Interest', in the upper right corner of this page). Here, Man Ray's motif is illustratively translated into a cover which seems to come right out of a 1960's issue of 'Psychology Today'. KB