Title: Page Proof

Photographer: Christian Boltanski
Author: Raffaello Baldini
Publisher: Bordighera Press
Designer: Barbara Ciurej


Image Title: Monument - Odessa 1990
Photo Genre: Postmodern construction
Book Genre: Novel

The Boltanski Piece (in the background of the cover image), is comprised of 11 photographs, 3 tin biscuit boxes, 68 light bulbs and electrical wiring.
"In Christian Boltanski's Monument (Odessa) (1989-2003), the artist creates an altar-like multimedia installation, capturing artificially lit faces reproduced from pre-World War II photographs, referring poignantly to the losses of young lives during the Holocaust."
-Jewish Museum press release, October 5, 2004

To view the original piece by Christian Boltanski, try clicking here.

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