Title: The Detritus of Dorian Gray

Photographer: Andy Warhol
Author: Kevin Max
Publisher: Blind Thief Publishing
Designer: Melissa Barnes


Photo Genre: Portraiture/Multiple exposure
Book Genre: Poetry

The cover photo of singer/songwriter/poet Kevin Max is actually by Norma Jean Roy & Greg Gorman (Gorman is a well-known portrait and editorial photographer,with several monographs of his work published). It is difficult to know without asking the subject or photographers whether or not the similarity to Andy Warhol's later silkscreened self-portraits, from the black turtleneck to the wild silvery hair, is intentional, but the resemblance is too close to let pass without comment. The book's back cover even makes visual reference to Warhol's use of the multiple as pictorial strategy. The image here is a double exposure or print. KB

To view a Warhol self-portrait, try clicking here.

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