Title: Halo in Blood

Photographer: Weegee [Arthur Fellig]
Author: Howard Browne
Publisher: No Exit Press
Designer: Alan Forster


Image Title: Hopper's Topper: Hedda Hopper, Hollywood 1948
Photo Genre: Documentary/Portrait
Book Genre: Crime Novel

Here is an example of collaboration between publisher, designer and photographer. Alan Forster uses Weegee's photographs, along with and a consistent, stark design scheme to illustrate a series of books for the mystery and crime publisher, No Exit Press.

In researching Weegee's image of actress and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, I realized that the picture on the cover of 'Halo in Blood' is actually a variation, only slightly different from image which is usually reproduced. I mention this because Hopper's expression naturally makes one think Weegee took the picture spontaneously. But for him to get (at least) two almost identical versions, Hopper would almost certainly have to be posing. In any case, the image works as a cover because the woman (aka Hopper) looks like she's screaming, her hat resembles a halo, and the pinkish graphics conjure up both femininity and blood. KB