A year of work by a number of individuals has gone into creating the ‘Covering Photography’ website. Others helped by contributing ideas, providing advice, sharing resources and lending moral and immoral support.


Creation of the site would not have been possible without Boston College’s Instructional Design and eTeaching Services, including:

Sarah Castricum
Elizabeth Clark
Brad Mering
Michelle Ng
Bill Porter
Nirmal Trivedi
Jamie Walker


Mark Caprio and Robert Gerrity of O’Neill Library at Boston College were instrumental in getting the project started.


Others who have made contributions large and small, and in ways they may not even realize, include:

Eric Baden
Marty Blake
Phil Block
Jack Booth, Bill Burke and Henry Horenstein
Adeane Bregman
Alexis Dunfee
Andrea & Steven Frank
Dore Gardner
Liz Marran
Amelia Marran-Baden
Bill Marx
John Michalczyk
Helen Robinson
Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz
Sandra Stark
Jim Stone
John L. Walters
Howard Yezerski


Special thanks go to:

Chris Killip, who exhibited books from the project at Harvard University’s Carpenter Center for Visual Art.

Chantal Zakari, who was always available to offer assistance and advice.

Mike Mandel, who suggested that I may not be the only person eccentric enough to find this interesting.